qigong wassenaar 2017

5053_clap your hands_100

5052_flying tiger_100

5051_monkey two_100
– Do you need to jump like that to eat a banana ?

5055_tap the ground_100
– Qigong told me to tap the ground when the tiger is coming.

5056_qigong at the desk_100
– I play qigong at my desk. – I see that !

5061_eating bananas_100
– You do as you wish … but I claim some experience in eating bananas !

5062_your star_100
– You will find it easier if you visualize your star. – Which one ? I have many !

5063_ultimate move_100
– The ultimate move : move nothing except :
– the right little toe
– the left ear
– the first two feet of the intestine
– Eyebrows are OK if they can’t be prevented.
– What is this ?
– Qigong !