face à face – facing each other

– What is the play tonight ?
– Facing each other !

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  1. Once I went with my brother to a restaurant, as it was a modified colonial house the free table was in a mezanine a bit raised above the other tables, and one can only sit against the wall facing the customers of the normal tables a bit bellow. A couple was arguing through all the time they were having their lunch and when we finished my brother asked me what I thought about the restaurant, I said. « I didn’t like the play, the characters were doing some drama but it didn’t have a conclusion and after a while it was monotonous. » Wishing you a good day from 10 000 kilometers away, Gilles : )

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    • I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago though the play was better. At the beginning, the woman and the man were kind. As the diner went along, the discussions went more and more heated. I was happy to get out the restaurant and I am not missing the end of the play !
      Many thanks, Francis, and a super great day to you.

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