ressources pas fossiles – non fossil resources

Car with no engine
Eco-friendly !

– Cheap !
– In addition, when going down, she moves on her own !

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  1. Very funny, this happened to me last Sunday: I went with some customers to inform them about a lots of an association of land owners. It is in the desert, one of the cars got stuck in the sand without gasoline. We pushed it but seems when it ran out of gasoline it automatically blocks the frontal tires, so we were in the posture of your modern Sisyphus, but with no movement possible : ) we left the car so the owner would go back to it and we went in another one. Wishing you had a nice Friday, Gilles.

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    • That was not funny at all ! Fortunately there was several cars. Otherwise you would have had to cross the desert on foot.
      I did not think of Sisyphus ! This is an excellent interpretation !
      Many thanks, Francis, and a lovely day to you.

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