– The 22th century marks the end of the anthropocene and the 6th big mass extinction with the disapearance of humans …

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    • Il y a quand même une nuance entre extinction individuelle et extinction de masse. L’extinction de masse des poulpes (un poulpe, une pieuvre !) pourrait bien attendre qu’ils deviennent aussi intelligents que les hommes l’étaient et détruisent leur propre environnement.
      Merci, Anatole, et une belle fin de journée à toi.


  1. With time the octopus will evolve to be grey and will invent the time machine and the flying saucer to study us : D In Discovery Channel there was a digital model of what could have been of the velociraptor if there had not happened the mass extinction event that ended the dinosaurs, it was remarkably similar to us and to the popular depiction of aliens, which of course could be a bias in the investigator. A good Sunday for you, Gilles. Thank you.

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