– Mission to Kourou ?
– In the labour camp instead !


12 réflexions sur “bagne

    • Départ prévu le 16 juin. J’ai le même souhait que tout se passe bien. Côté aeolus, aucun nuage en vue. Côté voyage et séjour, c’est compliqué en ce moment !
      Pour sûr je continuerai à donner des nouvelles. Le blogue aeolus sera quotidien pendant toue la campagne de lancement.
      Merci, bises, et un doux jeudi après-midi à toi, Yoshimi.

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    • Many thanks, Urban Liaisons !
      French « bagne » is more a work camp, a sort of French gulag, than a dungeon per se. The convicts would not spend much time in their cells except a few hours during the night. During the day, they were working. This is why I did not find a proper English translation and decided to keep the French word. Possibly, English speaking people are civilized enough not to have the concept of « bagne » !
      Have a great day.

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  1. Reading the remarks, I am fascinated by this word ‘bagne’ … I think it is fair to say that you are right that the English did not have an identical system but I would certainly not say that was because we were too civilized … we had some pretty appalling methods ourselves and did not restrict ourselves simply to dungeons!

    I have been absent for several weeks whilst I executed a major move – now that I am vaguely settled, it is good to be catching up on your work again. Again, I note from the commentary that you yourself are in the throws of preparing for a major move so I wish you bon courage with that and say chapeau that you are still producing your excellent cartoons!

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