bourgogne – burgundy


– Merci ! Ça suffira !
– Thanks ! This is enough !

Encore un brouillon tiré de mon carnet à crob, un peu remanié, pour remercier le marchand de vins voisin.

Another draft taken from my sketchbook, slightly reworked, to thank the wine shop keeper next door.

dessin fini – clean cartoon

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  1. Haha! We were in an Italian Restaurant with friends the other night and the couple at the table next to us had glasses that size. I was really impressed that the very tiny and quite elderly lady could walk at the end of the evening. For our part – they gave us normal glasses …. I’m not sure what to read into that!!!

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    • Large glasses with a small opening are to magnify the scent. Wines with more scent than taste would benefit from a large glass. This being said, I find it less frustrating to have a full small glass than an almost empty large glass. Have a lovely day, Osyth.

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