oiseau – bird

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– Si les humains pouvaient voler, les oiseaux seraient des spaciosiaux !

Nombreux sont les mouvements de qigong où l’on bat, lentement, des ailes en imitant l’oiseau.

Many qigong moves imitate birds and require to flap, slowly, his or her wings !

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    • Well, Rutgers, the caption of the cartoons is in (my pigeon) English with the exception of astrobirds which I invented. And the text in italic is, always in my blog, the translation of the French text. About the meaning of my cartoons, there’s not often anything to understand ! The cartoons come to me and I draw them, with no intention, most of the time. In this case, the explanation may be : Birds are watching people playing qigong, playing a move where they move their arms as if they would flap their wings and try to fly. The birds become anxious that, eventually, people can fly. In which case, the birds would fly in the outer space. Or, there is the same chance that humans can fly than that birds can fly in outer space. I hope that this makes my post clearer ! Many thanks, Rutgers, for your visit and have a lovely day !


  1. Petit exercice de zygo. Encore. En fait, très souvent ici. Ces deux personnages sont bien sûr vivants pour moi après tous ces mois à les regarder vivre. Et dans une telle pose, oui, un irrépressible exercice de zygo. Bon pour la santé.
    Merci, Gilles.

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