Vega for Paradise – Véga pour le paradis

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Les affaires reprennent … doucement. Je peux utiliser un second ordinateur. J’ai scanné tous mes brouillons manquants, retravaillé un quart d’entre eux. J’ai terminé deux dessins manquants plus deux nouveaux. J’ai reconstruit (quel travail !) le livre sur la retraite que j’avais commencé. J’ai pu vectoriser un futur logo pour Aeolus. Quant au nouveau vieil ordinateur, je l’aurai le 7 décembre. Alors commencera le plus pénible. C’est bon, le patient respire !

Back in business slowly. I have a second computer available. I scanned all my missing drafts, reworked a quarter of them. I finished two missing cartoons plus two new ones. I rebuilt (what a work !) the book on retirement that I started. vectorized a future logo for AeolusI will have the new old computer on December 7. The most painful is to come then. Good, the patient breathes !

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  1. This cartoon is quite funny, Gilles X’D Thank you. About the computer is nice to see that you have backups and ways to show us your art. I learned too in a hard way, I use external hardrives and the cloud. Good day.

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    • Many thanks, Francis ! I try to multiply the locations where my cartoons are stored not too loose too many of them in case of crashes. It did not work too bad in the end. I have never been able to store in « the cloud ». I just don’t know how to do that !

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      • You’re welcome, Gilles. To storage my photographs and drawings I use Flickr where you can control what can be public or private and offers 1 Terabyte of space. For important documents Gmail and Outlook (former hotmail) give 15GB of space. Dropbox is popular but I haven’t used. But I think you already knew that… perhaps do you refer to give up security using the internet to save documents.

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