Aeolus Data – Données Aeolus


– Dissémination des graines d’Aeolus par le cultivateur du sol.

Pas de graines mais des données, disséminées bien sûr, et pas de paysan mais une foule d’ingénieurs de toutes sortes et d’ordinateurs dont les acronymes sans fin ne me disent rien !

No seeds but data, disseminated indeed, and no farmer but a number of engineers of all sorts and of computers the endless acronyms of which do not speak to me !

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  1. If they contaminate the native plants then the company can issue a demand for patents. For that reason we don’t want them in Peru, we had thousands of years genetically modifying the plants in thousands of varieties and it would be risky to destroy that diversity with a single product made by a corporation…


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