– Opposite is Fumay. – Smoke (fumée), I see !

Fumay est une ville d’environ 4000 habitants, située dans un des nombreux méandres de la Meuse, dans les ardennes françaises … et à 12 km de la centrale nucléaire de Chooz.

Fumay is a 4000 inhabitants city, located in one of the many meanders of the river Meuse, in the French Ardennes … and at 12 km from Chooz nuclear power plant.

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      • Yes! it’s so funny xD! the words made me think in big gentlemen smoking, and I remembered a teacher at university that used to smoke everywhere and the whole time, he was called « the ship » because the smoke was omnipresent as in the maritime ancient ships (of course they didn’t say it in front of him and I’m not much into call nicks to somebody)


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